Joe is one of the finest engineers I’ve ever worked with. His ability to dial in the mood on command is incredibly helpful, especially on the production side. Taking a piece of music from concept to completion can be challenging and intimidating, but Joe was able to manifest the sound I was looking for even though I didn’t have the vocabulary to communicate it. His understanding of music is vast and yet he has the patience and kindness to work with all levels of creators. He has a strong connection with people and by fine-tuning his approach is able to cater to the comfort level of his clients. I highly recommend I and I Studios because of their passion and excellence! Make sure you ask for Joe B!

Astra Elane

The Gods Themselves

(as seen on Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown)


Coming soon.


I have worked with Joseph in I and I Studios for many years. I am a singer and songwriter. He was able to marry my passion and skills to produce several well arranged and professional soundtracks. His skill is superior; his ability to be kind, patient, intuitive, and creative moves Joe into the realm of excellence from start, to middle, and to the finish of a project.


Joe is a quintessential musican and gentleman. He is patient, kind, and has a good sense of humor. He has personalized my experience in his studio as I slowly sang a song under his tutelage - he took one measure at a time to help and encourage me to get it right. He has helped me learn some about reading music, a valuable gift I would otherwise not have. Joe is a natural teacher. I have been fortunate to have him work with me.